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Features: Perfect for temporary, no contact notices Write on whiteboard background Magnetic backing with 6 magnets included Lockable frame, sealed

Mobile Porcelain Whiteboard

Double Sided Pivoting Mobile Porcelain Whiteboard with Pen Tray

Porcelain Whiteboard

Heavy Duty Porcelain Whiteboard, Porcelain Surface and Aluminium Frame with Concealed Wall Fittings - Magnetic - Includes Pen Tray - Perfect for Heavy Duty, Commercial Use

Preso Magnetic Whiteboard

As the name suggests the Preso magnet whiteboard has a magnetic surface that is hard wearing and for general use

Slimline projection whiteboard

The Slimline projection whiteboard is the perfect addition for the communication and planning centre of the office. This whiteboard is

Standard Cork board

  • Composite Cork board with Aluminium Frame, Concealed Corner Fixing,
  • Suitable for Pins or Stickers

Standard Mobile Whiteboard

Double Sided Pivoting Mobile Whiteboard with Pen Tray

Standard Pinboard

  • Wall Mounted Pin board with Concealed Corner Fixing - Includes Pins
  • Available in Blue or Grey Fabric

Standard Whiteboard

Hard Wearing Whiteboard Surface, Aluminium Frame with Concealed Mounting, 5mm Thick Includes Pen Tray, Acrylic Polyester Resin, Perfect for Commercial Use

Vibe Porcelain Whiteboard

The Vibe Porcelain Whiteboard is for Heavy duty use. Making it great for schools, higher education, conference centres and medical

Vibe Projection Porcelain Whiteboards

The Vibe Projection Porcelain whiteboard is a whiteboard and projection screen in one. With 60% less glare reflection than standard

Vibe Reversable

As the name suggests the vibe reversible has on one side Whiteboard and on the other pinboard. It has excellent